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RIX Wiki

Rix Tablet



By purchasing this package you will receive:
• 1 RIX Wiki license
• Online support and resources from RIX Research and Media

RIX Wiki License will be valid for one year. After this, you will be required to renew your license to continue using RIX Wiki.


Detailed Description

A RIX Wiki is a private, easy to use website. You can add pictures,
videos, sound, documents, maps and links to a Wiki to tell your
story. Once you have created your Wiki, you can invite other
people, who you know and trust, to view your Wiki.

A RIX Wiki has a ‘Wiki Owner’ and a ‘Wiki Keeper’. The Wiki Owner
is the person who the content belongs to (usually the young
person). The Wiki Keeper is classed as the person who is legally
responsible for the Wiki and is over 18 years old. A Wiki Owner and
Wiki Keeper can be the same person.

The Wiki Keeper will receive 2 separate user logins. One for the
Wiki Keeper and One for the Wiki Owner.

RIX Wikis have been created by RIX Research and Media. For
more information visit: www.rixresearchandmedia.org

RIX Research & Media Fair Processing Notice: https://rixresearchandmedia.org/data-protection/