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Year Out Stage 2 PEDR Supervision

Year Out Stage 2 PEDR Supervision



Professional Experience in Architecture, post RIBA Part 2 PEDR (Professional Experience and Development Record)

Academic Year 2017/18


Detailed Description

The PEDR (Professional Experience and Development Record) is a mandatory part of the RIBA Examination in Professional Practice and Management (Part 3).

The PEDR is a record of a student's professional experience, development and competency in the practice of architecture.

The PEDR sheets have to be completed every three month. They need to be checked and signed by an Employment Mentor and sent to a Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) for signing.

Before signing up with UEL students have to register with the RIBA PEDR programme: http://www.pedr.co.uk/Guide/StudentIntro 

Please read the following section very carefully http://www.pedr.co.uk/Guide/StudentEligibility

For any additional information please contact the Professional Studies Advisor: psa@uel.ac.uk